LCC provides pre-school care for forty-nine children in two separate programs. "Kleines Haus" cares for twenty-four children from 2 years 9 months through 4 years 2 months of age. "Kinder Haus" cares for twenty-five children from 4 years 2 months through 6 years of age.

Children need to be potty trained before entering the Kleines Haus Program.

We maintain a staffing ratio of eight children to one teacher in our Kleines Haus program, and ten children to one teacher in our Kinder Haus program.

Learning Philosophy & Curriculum

Our programs emphasize development of six areas of personal growth: socialization, emotional development, creative expression, physical development, cognitive development, and life skills. Through play-based activities, the focus on learning evolves into the growth of language arts, pre-math skills, gross motor skills and dramatic play.